MRC Industry Vietnam Company


MRC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd was established by its shareholders who are engineers with qualifications, capability, and experiences in maintenance of Factories in Industrial Parks. .
Our services include :
+ Factory maintenance services (Machinery, production system, landscape architecture, structure, etc…)
+ Fitting out services for new factories
+ Factory renovation and upgrading service
+ Factory handover service
+ Maintenance services for industrial machines
+ Periodic factory inspection services

Our company’s goal is to become a leading company in Vietnam in terms of services, quality, and construction progress, always performing well in compliance with labor safety and environmental sanitation. Our company always make the best efforts to listen and understand customers’ needs, give them advice on the most reasonable and economic design and construction solutions. Besides, we always apply advanced and modern construction technology and mobilize a team of qualified, experienced and skilled workers in all construction works.


MRC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd was established on August 20, 2011 with all capability and experiences of the shareholders who had worked in industrial parks in Vietnam for years. Pursuing the target of becoming a professional company, MRC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd. always strives to continuously improve its management capacity, quality, and construction progress.

The MRC brand has been affirmed more and more thanks to its reputation for ensuring quality, progress, and occupational safety. The projects implemented by the Company have always received investors’ positive feedback.


  • Industrial and Agricultural Real Estate Investment Consulting
  • Maintenance, renovation and upgrading of Factories in Vietnam
  • Design and construction of Factories and Livestock Farms