MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd is a leading company in the field of providing “Fitting out Factory in Vietnam”

With more than 10 years of experience in construction of factories in Vietnam, we understand very well the important role of “Factory fitting out services in Vietnam” for the investors who want to expand or set up factories in Vietnam.

 The detailed contents of the fitting out planning include the followings:

  • Conducting surveys and preparing designs according to the information provided by the investor.
  • Offering the best design solutions with the lowest cost.
  • Providing free consultation on contents related to permits including: Construction permit, environmental permit, fire prevention and fighting permit.
  • Obtaining mutual consent on the final drawings for cost calculation and quotation.
  • Ensuring quality, progress, and safety during the construction.
  • Handing over the factory for the investor to start production activities.

Fitting out works include:

MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd. provides “Factory fitting-out services in Vietnam” meeting specific requirements of each customers. The followings are the packages we offer.

  • Structural, architectural, and interior fit-out work
  • Construction of the electrical lighting system.
  • Construction of the electrical system used for production activities
  • Construction of the Chiller system
  • Construction of the Air Compression system
  • Construction of the MVAC system
  • Installation of Substations and Generators
  • Construction of the fire protection system
  • Other tasks

What Is Fit-Out Construction?

There are many terms in construction which may be confusing for outsiders or those new to the industry. One such term is “fit-out construction.” What is fit-out construction? It typically refers to activities making a commercial tenant interior space suitable for occupation. Often fit-out construction is performed by a tenant’s own contractor, as opposed to the landlord’s construction company.

A contractor working for a commercial space landlord will typically develop an interior space as a “white box” or “shell.” This occurs whether it’s for a new build, or adapting a previous tenant space to make ready for new tenants to look at and be ready to sign a lease.

“White box” or “shell” construction of factory, warehouse in Vietnam typically involves:

Base flooring

Standard walls

Standard ceilings

Standard door and window



Stairs for evacuation

Basic firefighting system

Not only might tenants have their own interior contractor for a fit-out, they might have their own interior architect as well. Interior architects are similar to interior designers except they may plan the exact locations of walls and interior separations, door spaces and other contributing factors to the overall space arrangements. These contributing personnel to the overall process can be helpful to get the tenant space 100% move-in ready including final fixtures, wall colors and shelving, etc. These activities are typically referred to as TIs or tenant improvements for the fit-out construction process. Of course there are more personnel involved than just the interior architect, tenant and fit-out contractor; the landlord and building engineer and local code reviewers should be involved as well. The cost for the fit-out construction may be helped by the tenant’s agreement with the landlord, but for complete finishing, some costs will depend on the tenant. Custom finishing costs in the fit-out may include:

Lighting fixtures

Custom plumbing fixtures

Specialized flooring

Walls customization

Custom or extra doors

Customized windows or fixtures


Customized ceilings

Firefighting system

Other items according to your production line

Once all of these things are correctly implemented, the jobs of the interior architect and fit-out contractor are completed and the tenant can move in to the landlord’s space. Factory, warehouse production operations.


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