With more than 10 years of experience working in Industrial Parks in Vietnam, MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd.  understands the important role of the “Factory handover services in Vietnam” which are required when an Investor lease or buy a Factory, or receive the handover of a Factory from the Construction Contractor.

Therefore, we offer a “Factory handover service” package for investors to advise and help them get the best Factory in accordance with their future production requirements.

When you use our “Factory handover service in Vietnam”, you will get the following benefits:

  • Legal documents on the project in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, for example: Environmental Permit, Fire Prevention Certificate, etc.
  • Design drawings of the Factory in accordance with the production capacity required by the Investor.
  • Detection of potential operating errors and risks of the Factory.
  • Lower costs of future renovation and repair upon the future operation of the Factory
  • Good and safe operation of the Factory.

The process of our “Factory handover services in Vietnam” is as follows:

  • Checking legal records of the Factory
  • Checking design drawings
  • Checking the most important issues which are the Investor’s key concerns about the Factory. For example: Background load, Waste water treatment system, Fire protection system, etc.
  • Preparing a detailed report to the Investor.
  • Calculating the cost of arising renovation and upgrading that may occur in the future, providing the investor with an overview of the Factory.

Please contact us via Hotline: 19009233, Email: Mrc@Industryvn.com for advice on the best solutions for your “Factory Handover“.