MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of providing “Factory renovation and upgrading services in Vietnam”.

With more than 10 years of experience in factory construction, we understand the important role of the “Factory renovation and upgrading services in Vietnam” for the factories operating in Vietnam.

Vietnam has many advantages for foreign-invested enterprises to develop and expand production.

  • Low-cost, hard-working, and smart labor force
  • Geographical Location & Potential Market
  • Vietnam is a member of many trade agreements like: WTO, BTA, CPTPP, FTA….
  • Political stability and many incentives the Government provides for foreign investors.
  • Improved transport infrastructure.

Therefore, when you use our “Factory renovation and upgrading services in Vietnam”, we will offer you the best solution in terms of quality and cost for your Factory.

Reasons for renovating and upgrading a Factory

  • The investor desires to expand production
  • The factory has been used and operated for a long time and the facilities in the factory are degraded, which hardly ensures safe and efficient production.

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