MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of providing “factory maintenance” services in Vietnam.

With more than 10 years of experience in performing Factory maintenance, we understand the important role that Factory maintenance plays in the production activities of any Factory.

So, when you use our “Factory Maintenance” Services in Vietnam, we will offer you the best solutions in terms of quality and cost.

Benefits brought by maintenance services:

  • Maintenance facilitates normal and safe operations of any factory, helping manufacturers feel confident to focus on their main duties which are to improve productivity and increase profits.
  • A factory is not only an asset but also a means of production of an enterprise. If you pay proper attention to ensure good maintenance, you will receive many benefits such as: a longer lifespan of the building, lower repair costs, and reduced energy consumption.

Our factory maintenance services:

MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd. provides factory maintenance services including package services or separate service items. Depending on the specific requirements of each customer, we offer the following packages:

  • Comprehensive Factory Maintenance
  • Maintenance of construction work items (Architecture, structure, interior)
  • Electrical system maintenance
  • Chiller system maintenance
  • Compressed air system maintenance
  • MVAC system maintenance
  • Generator maintenance
  • Substation maintenance
  • Pump system maintenance
  • Maintenance of fire protection system

Please contact us via Hotline: 19009233, Email: for advice on the best solutions for your Factory.