With more than 10 years of experience working in Industrial Parks in Vietnam, MrC Vietnam Industry Co., Ltd. understands the important role of the “Periodical factory inspection services in Vietnam” for any operating factory.

Therefore, when you use our “Periodical factory inspection services in Vietnam”, we will offer you the best solution of the highest quality which can help detect risks at the earliest and maintain uninterrupted production.

Significance of periodical factory inspection services for an operating factory:

  • Detecting the causes of any problem and offering timely solutions.
  • Planning for maintenance, renovation and upgrading of the Factory.
  • Saving the operating costs of the Factory.
  • Increasing the productivity of the machines.
  • Supporting safe operations of the Factory.

The followings are details of inspection of an operating factory:

  • Field works:
  1. Surveying and inspecting the current structural and architectural status of the Factory
  2. Surveying and inspecting the electrical system
  3. Surveying and inspecting the current status of equipment and machines of the production line
  4. Surveying and inspecting the current status of production support equipment and machines (Air compressors, Chillers, etc.)
  • Preparing detailed reports
  • Providing designs and quotations for required repair and upgrading

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