During the renovation (fit-out) process of an existing factory, compliance with legal regulations is not only mandatory but also an important factor in ensuring safety and efficiency for the project. Below is a detailed guide on the procedures and necessary documentation for applying for a renovation construction permit (fit-out) for factories in Vietnam.

  1. Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) and Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC):

Before commencing any business activities in Vietnam, having valid IRC and ERC is mandatory. Enterprises need to ensure that these documents have been issued and are still valid.

  1. Environmental Permit:

Ensure that the factory renovation project does not impact the surrounding environment by obtaining an environmental permit from the environmental management authority.

  1. Certificate of Approval for Fire Protection Design:

Fire safety is an indispensable factor in factory renovation (fit-out) construction. Ensure that your design has been approved for fire protection and has the corresponding certificate.

  1. Decision on Investment Project Approval from the Investor:

The decision on investment project approval is evidence that the investor accepts and authorizes the implementation of the factory renovation (fit-out) project.

  1. Design Documentation (Architectural, Structural) Reviewed by a Third Party:

Ensure that the design documentation has been reviewed by an independent third party to ensure objectivity and quality of the project.

  1. Design Justification:

The documentation should include detailed justifications for the selected design options and the reasons for those selections.

  1. Third-Party Design Review Report:

A report from a third-party reviewing the design ensures that the proposed solutions are reasonable and reliable.

  1. Design Competency Certificates of the Design Company and Design Engineers:

Ensure that the design company and engineers have sufficient competency and experience to professionally execute the project.

  1. Application for Renovation Permit (Fit-Out):

Finally, the documentation should include a specific application for the renovation permit (fit-out), describing the project in detail and relevant key factors.

Proper preparation and submission of documentation in accordance with regulations will ensure that the factory renovation project proceeds smoothly and efficiently from the process to the final results.

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