When embarking on fit out work at a ready-built factory for rent in Vietnam, adherence to basic legal procedures is paramount to ensure compliance and smooth operations. The following essential documents are requisite:


  1. Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC): Before commencing any business activities, obtaining an ERC is mandatory. This certificate serves as proof of legal entity status and includes information about the company’s business activities, ownership structure, and registered address.
  2. Investment Registration Certificate (IRC): For foreign investors or certain domestic projects, acquiring an IRC is necessary. This certificate outlines the investment project’s details, such as capital, location, and objectives, and is crucial for legal recognition and protection.
  3. Environmental Permit: Given the increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability, securing an environmental permit is vital. This permit demonstrates compliance with environmental regulations and ensures that fit out work does not adversely impact the surrounding environment.
  4. Certificate of Approval for Fire Fighting Design: Safety is a top priority in any workplace. Obtaining a certificate of approval for firefighting design ensures that the factory’s fire safety measures meet the required standards, safeguarding both employees and assets.
  5. Construction Fit Out (Renovation) Permit: Specific authorization is needed for fit out or renovation activities. This permit verifies that the proposed modifications comply with building codes and regulations, maintaining structural integrity and safety standards.
  6. Certificate of Acceptance of Fire Fighting: Upon completion of fire safety installations and procedures, a certificate of acceptance is issued after inspection. This certificate confirms that the factory meets the necessary fire safety requirements and is equipped to handle emergencies effectively.

Adhering to these basic legal procedures not only ensures regulatory compliance but also fosters a conducive and secure working environment for all stakeholders involved in the fit out process.

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